for infrastructure

Enhancing expertise in infrastructure development and financing in emerging and frontier economies

To help fill the gap in markets where infrastructure needs are most critical, partner institutions will:

  • Launch an infrastructure fellowship program for senior public-sector infrastructure managers in targeted markets including:
    • 3-month business school certificate, including training on the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation’s SOURCE platform
    • Internship with participating institutional investors
for women

Opening opportunities for women in finance and investment worldwide

To increase the number of women in investment and management roles in the financial industry, partners institutions will:

  • Adopt diversity policies based on global best practices, publish relevant statistics, and raise diversity issues with external fund managers
  • Partner with the CFA Institute and its global network to set up an Investment Foundations Internship Program focusing on university women in select developing markets
for climate

Speeding up the implementation of uniform and comparable climate-related disclosures under the FSB-TCFD framework

To make meaningful progress in the global fight against climate change, partner institutions will:

  • Set up an advisory committee to assess current efforts by other groups to provide FSB-TCFD guidance, and publish guidelines applicable to institutional investors to accelerate FSB-TCFD reporting
  • Engage with portfolio companies to encourage adoption of the FSB-TCFD recommendations
  • Integrate the guidance developed by the advisory committee into their FSB-TCFD disclosure in the next few years


In collaboration with the Government of Canada